Random Question of the Day

When did the use of turn signals become optional?



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3 responses to “Random Question of the Day

  1. Actually, just growing frustration with the fact that most people, it seems, don’t use their directionals any more. Or if they do, they turn them on mid-turn – which rather defeats the purpose of advising the other drivers as to their intended direction.

    We have construction going on near the neighborhood at the moment that has created an unwieldy intersection. Directionals would be very helpful.

  2. Susan V

    You know what it means when someone’s turn signal is on? It means… their turn signal works. Whether it has any relation to the direction they’re intending to go is doubtful. đŸ˜‰
    My definition of defensive driving: Always assume the other drivers are going to do the stupidest possible thing they can do to hit your car.

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