I absolutely cannot believe the latest out of British academia.  Apparently, having given up on the idea that students should be able to craft a coherent sentence and spell correctly in order to be understood,  one academic has thrown in the towel:

Fed up with his students’ complete inability to spell common English correctly, a British academic has suggested it may be time to accept “variant spellings” as legitimate.

Rather than grammarians getting in a huff about “argument” being spelled “arguement” or “opportunity” as “opertunity,” why not accept anything that’s phonetically (fonetickly anyone?) correct as long as it can be understood?

“Instead of complaining about the state of the education system as we correct the same mistakes year after year, I’ve got a better idea,” Ken Smith, a criminology lecturer at Bucks New University, wrote in the Times Higher Education Supplement.

“University teachers should simply accept as variant spelling those words our students most commonly misspell.”

What. A. Crock.

On the heels of the pedagogy that claimed that anything a student would write should be acceptable, regardless of form, as long as they expressed themselves, we now have decided to throw the spelling out the window along with the grammar.  We’ve created a generation of people who have graduated from high school incapable of crafting a coherent sentence.  Now we’re allowing whatever-floats-your-boat spelling, too.

Of course, constant texting has morphed into its own language (hence the title of this post) and students have apparently been lulled into thinking that since their buddy understands, the professors shouldn’t be so stuffy about the whole thing, either.  And the professor isn’t arguing.

I’m sorry, folks.  It’s sheer laziness all around.  The students can’t even be bothered to hit the spell check button on the computer, and the professors can’t be bothered to correct the students.

It’s enuf to drive you insaine.  Srsly.



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2 responses to “Srsly?

  1. Totally agree. Although spell check won’t do a lot of students any good because so many have learned next to nothing about spelling in grade school and high school, and wouldn’t know how to choose the correct spelling out of those suggested.

  2. Susan V

    I wonder, too, what kind of examples they’re seeing if they’re doing most of their reading online. I grew up reading books that were, for the most part, edited well so that they had proper spelling and grammar, and that had a rich and varied vocabulary. Enough reading of materials with challenging words, and vocabulary expands. Enough reading of good materials and the rules become ingrained unconsciously. At that point, you might not be able to explain the finer points of grammar but you know when it sounds right or looks right, without having to think. When the writing examples are bad, those habits can become ingrained also.

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