I just gave one of the local media folks a tour of the campus.  I’ve given a few tours at this point, usually to people who wander in and are delighted when I offer to show them around.

Because this is a new venture, people are curious.  You’re building a new university?  In a shopping mall?  Seriously?  (Or, in the parlance of the Web, “Srsly?”)

Yes, we are.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is the first campus for the university in decades.  The university itself literally predates the state, so it’s an old and established and venerated research institution.  And we’re the upstart kids down the street, moving their cheese all over the place.

It’s fun to show folks the library (“Where are the books?”) and the nursing lab (which is kind of creepy, with mannequins in beds) and the clinical lab (which is amazing: all state-of-the-art and high-tech.)   We show off the ITV classrooms and the executive classroom and the room that kept the stadium seating, reflecting its past as a movie theater.

The general consensus has been that this is all very cool.

We’re starting two new graduate majors this fall, and are gearing up for our first freshman class next fall.  All of us are working to prepare for those two groups, to make sure that their educational experience is rich and fulfilling.

But occasionally, it’s nice to just show off the place and get a few pats on the back.


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