I had my first classroom session last week.  I think it went well, though there are definitely things I will do differently in the future.

The challenge with these presentations is that you have a very limited amount of time in which to present a vast amount of information.  Choosing the most important bits and disseminating that information without sounding like the FedEx commercial guy was probably the hardest part of the whole exercise.

I decided that the most important thing I could show the class was my face: showing them who I am, where I am, and how they can reach me.  And it worked!  I got this email from one of the students afterwards:

Thank you for helping me in the virtual library yesterday. You were very helpful and I’m not as frightened of finding material now. For us “dinosaur” era people the computer world can be a little daunting at times. I’m thankful that the U of M has made their access very user friendly.

Oh, yay!  It’s not often that we get immediate feedback on our actions.  I’m delighted that what I was trying to do worked.

Meanwhile, back at the library, I’m in the process of creating resource guides for each of the subject areas, borrowing heavily on those already created by my talented counterparts on the other campuses.  The library’s web page, as I’ve mentioned before, is sad.  Really, really sad.  Not useful at all.  We’re hiring a web master, but that person and the process won’t be in place for a while.  In the meantime, I’ve got to make the library page an actual resource.  Hence, the pathfinders.  I’m puzzling over the list of links I should add, without gumming up the whole page with extraneous stuff.  Frankly, though, anywhere is up from here.


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