Pardon the interruption.  I’ve been under the weather of late, and am just now returning to the land of the living.

Typical of most flights I’ve been on, there was a passenger coughing up a lung on the plane that returned me to Minnesota from the ALA conference in Anaheim.  Most of the time, I can stave off whatever creeping crud they try to pass along, but this time I wasn’t as lucky.

I was out most of last week with the Summer Cold From Hell.  I’ve now entered the Annoying Cough portion of the entertainment, but am on the mend.

Needless to say, blogging wasn’t on the agenda.  Pretty much nothing save laying on the couch was on the agenda.

But I’m back.

I have my first class presentation this evening, talking about resources and scholarly sources and databases.  Makes me feel like a real academic librarian.  And we got the new spiffy library chairs this week, and they’re swell.  Comfortable and welcoming.  The first day they were in, one student wowed and commented that she’ll have to visit the library more often, which is precisely what I was hoping would happen.

So, onward.  Just keep the throat lozenges handy.


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