Cite Me!

I’m beginning to become more of a Facebook fan, after many years of wondering why it’s so popular.  It really can be a way to keep connected with friends and colleagues.  And to gather information, as it turns out.

After the delightful symposium at ALA sponsored by OCLC, I have connected with a number of the OCLC folks that I met and got to know.  One of them, Alice, has a new widget on her Facebook page that intrigued me.

It’s called Cite Me.

WorldCat app has just been released on Facebook called CiteMe. Type in a title, author, subject, or isbn and presto! A formatted citation comes up, right in the Facebook environment.

Of course, if you’re looking to do a whole bibliography in a click, staying on the site is the way to go. You can build a list of all your works and generate your Works Cited page, quickly and easily. But for one or two listings or a quick refresher when you’re posting out–this new Facebook app can’t be beat!

Oh. My. God.  How cool is that???  (And where was that when I was in school??)  I can’t wait to figure out how to coordinate this with the services for the library at MPOW.


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One response to “Cite Me!

  1. Why thank you, thank you very much (in my best Elvis voice…)
    Let us know how you and your users like it–what we can improve, what we can stop doing, etc.

    And you know there’s a plain ol’ Worldcat on Facebook widget, too, right? It’s not quite as fancy as the Visual bookshelf yet, but it gives you a lot more depth on content…

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