Blinded with Science

As we speak, MPOW is hosting a symposium on Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology.  Our partners in this venture include some august institutions: Mayo Clinic, IBM, the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, and the Hormel Institute.

I just sat through the keynote presentation on the MI3C, a collaboration between IBM and Mayo.  The MI3C is the Medical Imaging Informatics Innovation Center, and it’s incredible.  (Maybe it should be MI4C.)  From the news release on its inception in January:

Today, Mayo Clinic and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced the creation of a collaborative research facility aimed at advancing medical imaging technologies to improve the quality of patient care. The Medical Imaging Informatics Innovation Center (MI3C) is an extension of a Mayo-IBM collaboration announced in 2007, the results of which have given physicians the ability to register medical images up to 50 times quicker and provide critical diagnosis, such as the growth or shrinkage of tumors, in seconds instead of hours.

The afternoon will feature breakout sessions on topics such as “Bioinformatics: Proteomics” and “Biomedical Data Mining.”  There will be team meetings on “Normalization in Global Mass Spectrometry Studies” and “Mining Genetic Determinants of Human Disease” along with three other projects.

I sat there this morning, after chatting with the guys who run the IBM Supercomputer, with the realization starting to dawn on me that this group of people was in a very real sense changing the world.  And in a chat with the Big Boss afterward, he wondered how anyone could possibly find math or science boring after listening to what these guys are talking about.

It’s a whole new world out there.  How cool that I can peek in the windows and see what’s going on.


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  1. Congrats on joining Round 2 of 23 Things. Good luck, learn lots, and have fun! Michael

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