I was lucky enough to have been invited to a conference call that gave a few folks a sneak peek of the new WebJunction site.

It. Is. Amazing.

Think WebJunction meets Facebook meets Flickr meets LinkedIn meets Delicious.  And then some.

The look of the site has been tweaked, which is what you usually get with an updated website.  But the added and improved functionality was what had me excited.  The site will incorporate much of the 2.0 toolbox: tagging, commenting, rating, recommendations by members, social networking.

While I have always been a fan of WebJunction and an advocate on their behalf, I must admit that I tended to visit the site when I needed specific information.  I didn’t tend to hang out on WJ.  This new site design may change all that.  With the added social networking and communication features, the ability to create groups, post photos, query members, get recommendations, see what friends are doing…..I can see this becoming a Librarian’s Facebook.

The site is slated to go live sometime in July.  I really can’t wait.

Kudos to the WebJunction team for creating this!  Great, great work.


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One response to “Reinvention

  1. Hi Mary Beth, thank you so much for this feedback about the sneak peek! 🙂 I am so glad to hear your thoughts about how WJ is evolving and *really* look forward to having more WJ members and libraryland people involved in helping us move it forward.

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