It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but there has been a lot going on.  I started at my new POW yesterday, which has been fun and challenging and a bit scary all at the same time.  I’m looking forward to the challenge!

On a personal note, I had taken last week off to do all of the stuff that you never seem to have the time to do when you’re working – get the carpets cleaned, etc.  I was also planning on taking some time for me and having a manicure, shopping, reading….you get the idea.  Instead, DH and I spent much of the week back home.

Unfortunately, my Dad fell in the garage in just the right way on Monday, and broke his femur.  Originally, they were going to pin the break.  Since Dad was having some trouble sleeping, they gave him a sleep aid. (I doubt he’s ever used one in his life.  He’s traditionally been one of the people who is asleep the moment he’s horizontal.)  Under the influence, Dad decided to get up at 2:00 a.m. and do… one knows what, including himself.  Since he was tethered to various and sundry, he tripped and fell and broke the bone further, winning a hip replacement in the process.

Dad had his hip replacement surgery on Thursday.  He’s in rehab as we speak, but being the resilient (read: stubborn Irishman) guy that he is, he is amazing the staff with how well he’s doing.  Dad is determined to get home to his darling puppy, Sherlock (sorry, Mom!) and is doing everything in his power to heal so he can go home.  At this point, he may be home as soon as Wednesday.

I’d like to think I have inherited that kind of resilience, but I’m not sure that I have.  Dad is something special.

And if you have a moment, a few healing prayers would be very welcome.


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