PLA in Minneapolis

I hosted a Talk Table on Friday along with our Executive Director, Ann, introducing the world-at-large to MPOW‘s Hot Reads for Cold Nights program.  The librarians engaged in a lively discussion on adult programming, and asked lots of questions about Hot Reads and how it might be modified for their libraries.   It’s a great program and I’m going to miss creating it when I move to my new position.

It has been a wonderful experience to host PLA in our home state – I felt as if I were a party hostess, checking to make sure people were comfortable, inquiring as to where they were from, and answering questions about the area.  The librarians at our session on Friday were from all over the US: Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Ohio, California, Alabama, Illinois, Wisconsin, and even Alaska!  It’s been pretty easy to identify the conference-goers who hail from northern climes, as they’re the ones enjoying the relatively mild weather.  The folks from the south tend to be bundled up like it’s really cold.  (Good thing that snow never materialized!)

A few local librarians got together for lunch today and were discussing the conference, and overall had good experiences.   We were proud that Minneapolis had been chosen as host (though we did notice that it never really was thanked/mentioned/noticed in official programs…)  and felt we had represented our state well to the nation’s librarians.

Y’all come back now, y’hear?


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