Moving On

I am moving on to a new POW in April.

The University of Minnesota, Rochester is a new campus, with a sparkly new Information Commons.  I’ll be helping to create the IC for the students and will, hopefully, help the UMR campus grow.

I’m in the process of reading everything I can get my hands on regarding academic libraries and the Information Commons as a concept.  At this point, the library’s collection at UMR is virtual; I don’t know if or when that may change.  Given the scope of the majors that are offered, I have a feeling the collection will work best as a virtual one – the presence of the Mayo Clinic and IBM in Rochester lead to very tech- and medically-oriented degrees (and students.)

This will be a great challenge and should prove to be great fun.  I must admit I’ve been missing working in a library.  I’ve also missed interacting with people – I spend a great deal of time in my office at a computer.  For those of you familiar with Meyers-Briggs, I’m an ENFP, so you can imagine how well being alone all day suits me.  (For those of you not familiar with Meyers-Briggs, the answer is: not at all.)

I’ll miss the folks I’m working with, but will no doubt see them at various functions.  (One of them I’ll see often – she and her husband and two darling kidlets moved next door recently. )

Any and all recommendations/experiences/advice dealing with academic libraries and Information Commons are very welcome!



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5 responses to “Moving On

  1. Susan

    Congratulations! From your INTJ friend….

  2. Carla

    Good Luck! Of all the libraries and groups of people (doctors, lawyers, etc.) I’ve worked with, I have found academic faculty to be the most difficult, but now that I’ve said that, I’m sure your experience with them will be great!

    I also miss the reference part and doing research for people, and I’m an INTJ! I guess we all need a balance.


  3. phyllis

    Congratulations on your new job! You had an impact on many librarians during your tenure at SELCO. I especially appreciate your role in TTWMN. That workshop influenced how I think about many aspects of library work.

  4. Jennifer

    And yet another INTJ friend says CONGRATULATIONS!

    I hope that I will see you next March at the ALA Academic Librarians Conference in Seattle!!

  5. congrats, good luck, and have fun! the very fact that you miss working in a library makes me smile, knowing how much you’ll love our new gig. woohoo!

    as for advice, the acrl blog is great: and the acrl conference is a good conference to meet people and learn from their experiences (although not nearly as fun as ala and pla and other state conferences, but i’m biased!). 🙂

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