Thing 3: RSS

I came late to the RSS party, but finally decided to check it out after hearing Michael Stephens talk about it on his Tame the North Tour.

I’m now a Bloglines addict.

I have 165 blogs in my feed, and that number could grow at any moment. I really am trying to restrain myself. But there are so many interesting blogs out there, and so many people writing about such interesting stuff….

Here’s a very small sample of the eclectic mix of blogs I visit via my beloved aggregator:

The Wednesday Chef – a mix of recipes from newspaper food columns.

The Shoebox Blog -a blog by the folks that bring you those funny Shoebox Hallmark cards.

38 different library blogs…

The Daily Coyote – a blog written by a woman living in Wyoming who adopted a 10-day old coyote puppy whose parents had been killed. Incredible photos.

Lifehacker – tips and tricks for getting things done. If you read one non-library blog, this should be it.

Cute Overload – because sometimes, you just need a moment of cute.

That’s just a sampling, of course. Go ahead, take the plunge and find your own fabulous blogs to aggregate. Check out Bloglines or Google Reader and add sites you find interesting. If you tire of them after a while, you can always remove them from your list. Believe me, you’ll wonder how you ever kept up with blogs without it.



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2 responses to “Thing 3: RSS

  1. Susan V

    Thanks for the great blogs! I’ll add them to my bloglines. I had to actually set up separate work & home bloglines accounts because I kept getting sucked into my favorite non-work blogs at work. (whoops!).

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