Things on Sticks

I’ve just registered for “23 Things on a Stick.

The multitype systems of Minnesota have decided to create a Learning 2.0 program, modeled on the now-famous program developed by PLCMC. Great idea.

Why the stick, you ask? Well, virtually every food item sold at the Minnesota State Fair is On A Stick. We even had Hot Dish On A Stick. (For the uninitiated, a hot dish is what other areas of the country call a casserole, and is a mainstay of Minnesota culture. The aforementioned Hot Dish On A Stick consisted of meatballs on a stick with Cream of Mushroom Soup dipping sauce. Brilliant.)

I’m delighted that the state is embracing the concept and is encouraging librarians statewide to participate. Those who complete the program get – what else? – a stick: a memory stick, that is.

I’ve already played with many of these things, but it will be fun to reintroduce myself to some of them and play further with others. And since it’s a whopping 2 degrees outside, this seems like as good a time as any to be inside playing!


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  1. Aurora

    Hey, I’m greeting all the new 23 Things participants, so I thought I’d do the same for you. You get a less formal one, though, because you clearly need less cheerleading along this process.

    Anyway, you can catch up with other members at

    Good Luck!

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