Reflections on being Two

It’s been two years now since I started this blogging journey.  I’ve spent a bit of time looking back over the things I’ve written, and there are a few posts I’m quite proud of.  Others are a bit mundane, but I suppose that’s the nature of the beast.

I started blogging because I felt I should.  I now blog because I enjoy it, though I’ve noticed that as life gets busy, the blog posts drop precipitously.  Probably not such a bad thing.  Over-stressed navel-gazing is not all that entertaining.

And so here we are, faced with another year.

It will be an interesting one, though hopefully not in the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” sense.  I know that I’m counting the hours until the Iowa primary is over, as I’m becoming increasingly irritated with all of the political ads.  (Rochester is close enough to the Iowa border that the local news covers southeastern Minnesota and Iowa, hence the plethora of earnest ads.)  It will be interesting to see who emerges from both parties as the final candidates.

Both DH and I turn 50 this year, which seems incomprehensible.  My knees tell me otherwise.  I’ve asked DH for a trip to Ireland for my 50th birthday, and being the wonderful husband that he is, he agreed.  Can’t wait.

I’m not sure how the world of libraries will change in the coming year – if at all.  It seems that we are one of those bastions of civilization that changes a bit to keep up with the times, but the fundamental purpose stays the same.  I’ve often posited that librarians and libraries have two main functions: 1) get stuff and 2) organize it so folks can find it.   You can pretty it up with fancy names and organize it in interesting ways, and you can use different tools and delivery systems, but the basics are just those two.  We get stuff, and we organize it so folks can find it.  We are the keepers of the information.  I can’t imagine that function will grow less important in the coming year.

So, Happy New Year to all.  Here’s to many more for all.


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