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I just realized how long it’s been since my last post.  Been one of those months, I guess.

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas, and are now organizing for the drive home.  We’re missing the Yukon, though – packing three dogs, suitcases, and Christmas gifts in the Trailblazer is a bit of a tight fit.  A bit nicer on the gas mileage, though.

For many years now I’ve done the lion’s share of my Christmas shopping on the internet.  It’s much less stressful – you choose what you want, order it, and a nice UPS person drops it at your doorstep.   No trolling for a parking space, no fighting crowds, no aimless wandering through mall hell trying to decide what to buy.  I must admit, huge crowds and malls make me cranky.  I’m sure DH much prefers me this way.

One of the gifts this year is a car seat for our darling granddaughter, at DSD’s request.  I was rather appalled at how expensive those things are, and that got me wondering about how we’ve so legislated our lives.  I know DH and I are old but we managed to survive in cars that not only lacked car seats, but didn’t have seat belts.  I suppose there was the occasional horrible accident, but all in all our generation survived just fine – and lots of us were sitting on our mother’s laps in the front seat.  Now we’ve told young parents that they MUST have these seats for their children, or they’re horrible people.  And the seats now have to be provided for kids up to 4’9″.  God, I would have been in a car seat until I was 12.  It’s getting a bit crazy.  And for young parents who barely are making ends meet, mandating a car seat that can run $100 or more is just nasty. </rant>

On the work front, MPOW was just awarded a huge grant from the folks at ALA and FINRA.  Work starts on that in February, and I’ll be heading to ALA Midwinter for a day-long workshop to learn about the grant and its administration.  I wish I was in Philadelphia longer – I’m a history lover and have never visited Philly.  One of these days DH and I will have to wander through the colonies and visit the nation’s history.

And on a final personal note, blessings and congratulations to my sister Judy and her husband Greg on their 25th wedding anniversary.  Their wedding day was an unusual one for Wisconsin – it was so warm I didn’t even wear a coat to the church.  It was lovely for us, but a real disappointment to Greg’s brother.  Greg and his family lived in Florida, and his younger brother Mike couldn’t wait to see snow for the first time.  Oh, well.

The reception was at Mom and Dad’s place, and they had decorated the house in a more formal way than we normally do for Christmas, so the decorations doubled as lovely wedding decor.  Mom even got a number of lifelike doves to put on the tree.  The only problem was that their dog at the time was a 6-month old Irish Setter named Casey.  Casey was a natural birder – a real case of how the breeding influences the dog’s behavior.  (She once flushed a robin from a bush and presented it – unharmed but dripping wet – at my mother’s feet.)  Casey thought it was her duty to rescue us from all of those doves.  We’d come home from work to find dove carnage all over the living room, and a tired but satisfied Irish Setter in the midst of the mess.  Mom must have gone back and bought doves two or three times before she finally gave up.  I think by the wedding day there were one or two doves on the top of the tree, out of Casey’s reach.

Happy 25th, guys!

And if I don’t wander back on here before then, a very Merry Christmas to All!  I hope you’re blessed with friends and family, with love and laughter, and with all of the magic of the season.


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