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I sent feedback to the findingDulcinea folks yesterday, asking why no search box, and why no information on libraries?

I got this in reply:

Hello Mary Beth,

Thank you for the feedback !  We also appreciate the nice blog post. (They must have searched for me – I didn’t tell them I blogged about them.  MB)

We are planning to have a search box up very soon.   Ultimately we’d like it to include a “custom Web,” where it searches only the Web sites that we link to or otherwise recommend.  However, developing this is taking a bit longer than we expected, so we are likely to put up an internal-search only box soon.   The results will only be our content – not the content of the sites we link to.  The former should be up in a week or so, the latter in 45-60 days.

We do have a fair bit of information about libraries in our “Guide to Web Search”
In particular, one of our “Insights” in this guide is as follows:

* Start by checking out library Web sites. They can be helpful in beginning your search, as they often have directories and lists of useful online tools and resources. An example is the New York Public Library, which has a comprehensive directory of librarian-selected and annotated links to sites with information on a variety of topics.  Libweb can help you find a library Web site by the library’s subject or location.
* The Online Education Database has an article entitled, “Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources,” that details Google alternatives ranging from the invisible Web to search engines specializing in things like art, government data, and transportation.

We also reference several other library-based resources in this guide.

Is there anything else you would suggest that we include ?   This guide is the “mother” of all guides and thus is our most important one; as such, we are constantly revising and enhancing it.


Mark E. Moran
Founder and CEO
Dulcinea Media, Inc.

Cool.  Love that I got a reply right away.  I also told Mark that I would pass this along, so take this as your opportunity to help create the “mother of all guides” as he puts it.   So, wander onto findingDulcinea and if you have any suggestions, pass them along!


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