And Mozart, too!

I’m a music fan. I’m particularly a fan of classical music. (DH insists I “just listen to dead guys.”)

I tried the music site Pandora a few times, and it was nice…but no classical. I got an email today from the Pandora folks requesting I try their station again….and low and behold, classical music! Yahoo!

If you haven’t tried Pandora, it’s swell. You set up your own “stations” with selections from songs and artists you like. Then songs come on that are like those that you’ve chosen, and you can vote yay or nay as to whether you really like the selection. It’s pretty cool.

They have also added genre categories, so you can add Baroque music, or Jazz, or Folk, or Hip Hop….whatever you’re into.  If I remember correctly, they add a holiday station at holiday time, too.

Check it out!


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