Phished, update

Well, “Briana” contacted me again this morning.  Surprise of surprises, the deposit company where the theoretical $800,000 resides wants some information about me.  What was a bit chilling is that the information they want is my passport number.  I had been expecting a request for my social security number, but passport?  Is this some group looking for legit passport numbers in order to forge US passports?  <shudder>

I contacted the Department of Public Safety, and while talking to them, attached the transcripts of the chats.  They now have all they need in the way of evidence to pass it upstairs for investigation.  Hopefully, they’ll catch this jerk before he can snag some unsuspecting person into giving him what he wants.

Again, this speaks strongly to librarians educating our patrons – especially our elderly patrons, who are more susceptible to this sort of crime.


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