Trainer, Part Two

Trainer, part two.

In order to provide technology training, you do not need to know everything there is about technology! Everyone has pockets of what they know.

If you don’t have a computer lab, how to do technology training? Can offer classes before the library opens for the day. Technology training doesn’t always need to be hands-on. Sometimes people need the awareness of what’s there. Can do a ten-minute presentation and then turn them loose on the computers to try it themselves. Letting people loose to learn and explore by themselves is much messier, but tends to be the most effective. People don’t learn by doing exactly what you do – let them try on their own.

Innovative library technology training programs:
For patrons: Reading Public Library, Reading, Massachusetts. “Geek out, don’t freak out! – Digital Cameras” Patrons bring their own digital cameras to the class and they figure it out together. There tended to be a lot of interaction within the class, with students helping each other.

Also have a program called Netguides, where patrons can sign up for a one-on-one training session. The netguides are students trained at the library to provide patrons with one-on-one techology answers and personalized instruction.

For staff: Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Learning 2.0 and the 23 Things. 23 things that you can do on the web to expand your knowledge of the Internet. Every staff member who completed the program will recieve an MP3 player, and were entered into a drawing for a laptop.

Discussions of different problematic training scenarios and possible solutions.

The session wrapped up with a tour of five online sites for library technology trainers: Webjunction, Library Instruction Wiki,
Infopeople, CLENE, and Librarians with Class.

Originally posted on SELCO Librarian.


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