I’ve been phished.

I had an IM conversation this morning with a person who is a 68-year old widow in Liverpool.  She lost her family in a car crash three years ago, and now is in the hospital with lung cancer.  She wants to start a charitable foundation with the $800,000 she and her late husband saved – and I’m the one who she has chosen, since I believe in God and she saw me in a dream.


I contacted the authorities, asking if they want to play, since this person thinks they have me on the hook.  We’ll see what they say.

This may be fun.

Unfortunately, there are people who would buy this story, and feel sorry for the person, and play along – and no doubt lose thousands.  I’m especially concerned for our elderly patrons, new to the Internet and all too trusting when it comes to this stuff.  Some of the time they’ll talk to us about it and we can run some interference, but all too often we find out when it’s too late.  This is one of those opportunities to educate and inform.   Here’s a document from WebJunction that explains the concept and gives tips on what to do.  Do your patrons a favor and post it, or something like it.

There is a special circle of Hell for these folks.  I hope we can catch the jerk.

Stay tuned….


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