Conference Season

It’s conference season here in Minnesota. I attended the MEMO conference this past weekend, in Brainerd (read: up north) Minnesota. Beautiful place, bizarre weather. At this time of year, it should be chilly in Minnesota – especially northern Minnesota. I packed accordingly. It was 85 degrees. The turtlenecks were a bit much.

The conference was interesting and a chance to get to know a number of the school media folks throughout the state. And it was pretty cool to have a fireplace in the room, even if it was really too warm for a fire.

In a few weeks, the Minnesota Library Association will hold their conference in Mankato, Minnesota. We’ll be there rubbing elbows with librarians from all over; we’ll see what the weather holds.

And then, the day after we come home from MLA, Aurora, DH and I head to Internet Librarian in lovely Monterey, California.

Aurora and I are presenting this year, which is seriously cool. And I’ve finally convinced DH to join me in Monterey, which means we’ve hired a dog sitter for the “kids.”

I’d say that we can relax once we’re home, but DH and I will almost immediately head home to Milwaukee for Little Brother’s wedding, which will no doubt be beautiful.

THEN we can relax. But boy, it will be a fun month!


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