Fun Library Marketing – Really!

It’s been a crazy few days at MPOW. I’m hip-deep in grant writing, and I’m seeing the end of the tunnel but it’s still a ways away.

I had to take a minute, though, and send kudos to the folks at the Wyoming libraries. Yet again, they’ve come up with a cool and clever marketing campaign. They always seem to make libraries seem like such fun – something most of us struggle with. Face it, most library marketing is boring. Bo. Ring.

Enter those fabulous Wyoming folks and Mudflap Girl.

It’s a fun take on the (ahem) traditional mudflap image. They’ve got some terrific bookmarks, too.

And my personal favorite:

Love ’em. Makes you want to visit the library, because these people are fun. There’s more on their website, so go check it out. And have fun, already!



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3 responses to “Fun Library Marketing – Really!

  1. Ann

    Love the bookmarks! They do a great job with their campaigns.

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