A new member of the family joined us Sunday.  His name is Sherlock, and he’s an 8-week-old goldendoodle.

For the uninitiated, a goldendoodle is a combination golden retriever and standard poodle.  They’re loving and sweet and perpetually bouncy.  It’s rather like living with your very own Tigger.  (The wonderful thing about Tiggers!  Tiggers are wonderful things!)

Sherlock was a Father’s Day/birthday gift for my Dad.  DH and I picked the puppy up from the breeder Sunday night and Mom and Dad arrived yesterday to take possession.  The little darling has been terrorizing everyone ever since.   He’s very smart.  The codicil to “very smart” is very stubborn.  And true to his goldendoodle-Tigger nature, he’s bouncing about non-stop.  It’s exhausting and entertaining and endearing all at the same time.



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  1. Amanda

    Another nice thing about goldendoodles is that they are hypoallergenic. My brother has suffered from major allergies to just about everything all his life, but was able to get this breed for his family. I think that trait is part of what makes them so expensive. Congrats on the addition to your family!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! DH and I have a goldendoodle – Casey – and Mom and Dad actually have Casey’s half-sister goldendoodle who’s 11 this year. She’s one of the first doodles anyone ever heard of, but of course the breed is now hyper-popular.

    Unfortunately, Dad has become allergic to dogs as he gets older….so goldendoodles are perfect!

  3. He is sooooooooo cute! Nothing like a puppy to make you smile!

  4. Congratulations on your new goldendoodle. I have a black Goldendoodle named Ebony that I am training as a service dog. Not all goldendoodles are bouncy, some are bred to be quite calm. As such they are gaining incredible popularity as service and therapy dogs. Combine their intelligence, hypoallergenic properties and loving personalities and they are winner dogs.
    I have had Ebony for 6 weeks now and she is a wonderful dog. Just shy of four months she gets into puppy mischief but is much more mellow than my Golden Retriever was as a puppy. She loves to play with Fergus, my 12 old Golden but at any time I can say “Ebony, watch me” and she stops what she is doing and comes to sit at my feet. She is often the star of puppy school but does have that smart stubborn streak at times. Like when you tell me to come are you going to make me go outside or are you going to just pet me until I groan in delight? She considers these questions seriously hehe I have been blogging about her training if you are interested. Right now we are just working on the puppy training basics with an emphasis on handling distractions.
    Again congratulations and enjoy Sherlock

  5. I hope you are enjoying your goldendoodle. We breed Goldendoodles and we love to read about people who own them and their experiences.

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