That’s Ms. Sexy to you….

According to the Connecticut Business News Journal, librarians are sexy. The article is written in typical back-handed compliment fashion (the title is “A Dowdy Profession Turns Hip) but claims we’re the hip new group these days.

When someone mentions a trendy or sexy career, does librarian come to mind? Maybe fashion designer, race car driver or even software engineer, but definitely not librarian – that is, until now. (Ahem. Gee, thanks.~MB)

Times have changed, and library science has become one of the most desirable career paths in the job market. The next generation of librarians will serve a technology-dependent world with a user-centered focus. No less an authority than the New York Times has noticed that library science has become a hot career.

The question is why?

The article goes through a number of reasons why we’re hip (technology-driven economy, diversity, niche markets) and interviews a few librarians, including Loreine Roy, ALA’s incoming president.   Not a bad read, all in all, but nothing particularly revelatory, either.

It’s interesting that we’re so interesting all of the sudden.


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