Too many books

Man, I am in deep trouble – at least I am if I move to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

John Puchniak quite literally lives in a sea of books.He reads constantly except when he’s haunting bookstores, libraries and, when he’s able to get there, the Philadelphia bookstore that he co-owns. He filled his house with about 3,000 texts until it was repossessed by the bank, which agreed to move them all to an apartment Puchniak rented on North Main Street specifically because there was plenty of storage space.

For about a month and a half, though, Puchniak has had to shuttle his papery world to the Red Carpet Inn on Kidder Street because his apartment was condemned after city code enforcement officers said the books were a fire hazard. (emphasis added)

Hoo, boy.

Now, there’s a photo of John’s apartment and granted, it could be organized a little better. But the reality is that there are a lot of folks (ahem) that have large collections of books. Fire hazard? I suppose so. Books are flammable, after all.

But eviction?

H/T LISNews 


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