Women, business, and libraries

Nancy Dowd has a thought-provoking post on her terrific blog, The “M” Word – Marketing Libraries. She springs her post from a New York Times article on how women are building their businesses.

We know from our own experiences that most women go about building a business from the heart and soul then integrate the growth in their life between all the other things they already have going. Businesses plans and budgets usually come along somewhere down the road… sometimes toward the very end of the road. But what struck me about this article was the idea that libraries could serve as a great place to network BUT and this is a really important part- we would need to stage the meetings to be conducive to the kind of networking that makes women comfortable. And that means making it hip, chic so speak.


The best performance I ever went to was to hear Ellis Paul in a library but I have to tell you, I had to close my eyes to block out the atmosphere because it was such a stark room.

Ah, yes. The old How Ugly Is Your Library? conundrum. Luckily, Nancy has some practical ideas for spiffing things up a bit, and for drawing this audience to your library. Have a look. And then have a program!


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