No love

DH is watching pro bowling on television.

Apparently, the only ad sponsor is Denny’s, whose new campaign features the Air Supply song, “I’m all out of love.”

It’s been playing multiple times during every commercial break for an hour.

The song is bad enough……and if I hear it one more time…..

The placement of advertisements needs to be done in such a way as to grab the right audience, get their attention, and then entice them to take advantage of whatever it is you’re advertising.  At this point, Denny’s is off my restaurant list.  Not that it was ever really on it, mind you, but the annoying commercial repetition has sealed the deal.  Whoever placed those ads in that rotation should be out of a job.

Here’s the segue to library stuff, in my mind.  When librarians are choosing to advertise, do they know where to advertise?  And how often?  Too often, librarians are tasked with the job of promoting the library without being given much direction in how to do so.  Certainly, this sort of thing isn’t taught in library school.  So how do you know if you’re just irritating the audience instead of enticing them?



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