Every now and then something comes along that brings the “wow!” factor back to the Internet.  This time, it’s a website dedicated to Beethoven’s Third Symphony, Eroica.  The always interesting blog Neatorama gives the details:

The San Francisco Symphony with Michael Tilson Thomas has created a fabulous website devoted to Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, the Eroica.  The section called Explore the Score is especially valuable. The music plays as you follow the score, with the option of highlighting themes, keys, and markups, offering an excellent insight into the details of the composition.

That is just too cool.  I was a music major my freshman year in college, and one of the symphonies we studied was Beethoven’s 3rd.  Where was this when I was in school? There’s even a little screen that shows Tilson Thomas conducting the piece.

This makes me wonder how collections might be synchronized.  Many libraries will have a copy of Beethoven’s 3rd.  Some may even have a score.  Most will have a biography of Beethoven.  Or a copy of the movie “Immortal Beloved.”  So how about a link to these sorts of incredible web resources?


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