Please pardon the sparse blogging of late.  It’s been a whirlwind week!

Last week Thursday and Friday DH’s older brother, Father Mike, came to visit us.  On Thursday it absolutely poured, and so we wandered over to Austin, Minnesota to the Spam Museum.  What.  A.  Hoot.  They have Spambassadors who will tell you all and sundry about Spam.  Great fun.  Friday we took him to Wabasha, to the National Eagle Center in its new home.  It’s a beautiful place on the Mississippi, with three resident Bald Eagles. Fabulous.

The Memorial Day weekend was spent with family and friends in Milwaukee….

June 1st saw the launch of the new website at MPOW.  It was a year-long labor of love, and was an education into just how complicated redesigning a website can be.  We discovered that we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 3600 pages to review, to determine whether they needed to move in their current state, move with changes, or not move at all.   We had to decide on design, on function, and find a way for the two to work together.  We vetted the site through a beta testing group, and took into consideration their comments – most of which we wouldn’t have considered ourselves, as by that time we were too close to the forest to see the trees.  All in all, we’re proud and pleased with the final project.

I attended two meetings in the last week on continuing education on the state level.  This was an interesting discussion for a number of reasons, not the least of which was watching the dynamics between the groups of folks who were Here At The Beginning and those folks (myself included) who are new to the state and therefore its programs.  Change is hard, and it’s especially hard for the ones who gave birth to the programs being changed.  We’re having some good discussions, and there are some terrific ideas being considered.


In other news, it’s rained virtually every day for the past two weeks.   Why?  Because DH declared that he’d like to stain the deck.  I swear, the minute those words were out of his mouth, the skies opened.  We’re thinking of renting him out to drought-stricken areas.


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