What. The. Hell.

I’m stunned.

I’ve just been reading a blog post by Kathy Sierra over at Creating Passionate Users.  She was scheduled to speak at ETech in San Diego, but canceled her trip.  BECAUSE OF DEATH THREATS.

What. The. Hell.

What kind of bottom-feeding scum decides to anonymously threaten a blogger with these kinds of vicious death threats?  The poor woman is scared to go out in her own yard.

This is unconscionable behavior.

I hope the authorities get this sick bastard and throw the book at him.  And I hope the blogosphere rallies behind Kathy and gets rid of sickos like this.



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2 responses to “What. The. Hell.

  1. Unfortunately, men who hate women are everywhere. I am so heartened to see all the support Kathy has received. We need to stop the hatred somehow.

  2. Susan

    This is exactly why I roll my eyes a little when I hear people talk about the online “community.” In a community, there are standards of decent behavior toward others and consequences to your actions. I’ve been appalled for some time by the stupid and vicious behavior of people online. I connect with my friends online (like dearest MB of this blog) and appreciate that the technology allows me to do it. But the bizarre, pervasive, anonymous “community” where these kinds of bottom-feeders ferment… I can live without that one.

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