Five nonbiblioblogs

I’ve been reading a meme lately on five blog librarians are reading that are non-library blogs.  Since I read Karen Schneider at Free Range Librarian, I’m considering myself tagged.  What a terrific way to discover new blogs, without having to wade through a zillion of them to find the gems.

In no particular order:

Go Fug Yourself.   As the tag line says, “Fugly is the new pretty.”  These women are deliciously snarky in exposing all sorts of fashion faux pas.  Always good for a chuckle.

Chief Happiness Officer.  Alexander Kjerulf writes on happiness in the workplace, and has some terrific insights.

Cute Overload.  Your daily dose of awwwwww……

The Anchoress.  Interesting blend of religion, politics, classical music, baseball…

Lifehacker.  Impossibly rich blog on all sorts of topics, geared towards making your life more productive.

There are lots more, but that’s a smattering.  What blogs are you reading?



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2 responses to “Five nonbiblioblogs

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