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Or Else.


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What. The. Hell.

I’m stunned.

I’ve just been reading a blog post by Kathy Sierra over at Creating Passionate Users.  She was scheduled to speak at ETech in San Diego, but canceled her trip.  BECAUSE OF DEATH THREATS.

What. The. Hell.

What kind of bottom-feeding scum decides to anonymously threaten a blogger with these kinds of vicious death threats?  The poor woman is scared to go out in her own yard.

This is unconscionable behavior.

I hope the authorities get this sick bastard and throw the book at him.  And I hope the blogosphere rallies behind Kathy and gets rid of sickos like this.


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Great signage

Rochelle at Tinfoil Raccoon has blogged about and has generously shared a terrific library sign, complete with an homage to Spinal Tap.

You have her permission to use it in your own library, though local Minnesota libraries might want to change that Packer/Bears to a Packers/Vikings discussion.

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Five nonbiblioblogs

I’ve been reading a meme lately on five blog librarians are reading that are non-library blogs.  Since I read Karen Schneider at Free Range Librarian, I’m considering myself tagged.  What a terrific way to discover new blogs, without having to wade through a zillion of them to find the gems.

In no particular order:

Go Fug Yourself.   As the tag line says, “Fugly is the new pretty.”  These women are deliciously snarky in exposing all sorts of fashion faux pas.  Always good for a chuckle.

Chief Happiness Officer.  Alexander Kjerulf writes on happiness in the workplace, and has some terrific insights.

Cute Overload.  Your daily dose of awwwwww……

The Anchoress.  Interesting blend of religion, politics, classical music, baseball…

Lifehacker.  Impossibly rich blog on all sorts of topics, geared towards making your life more productive.

There are lots more, but that’s a smattering.  What blogs are you reading?


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Another SL take

Walt over at Walt at Random has an interesting take on the whole Second Life thing, and there are some very spirited responses.  Fascinating reading.

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Second Life, Ad Nauseum

I’ve been hearing, ad nauseum, about Second Life. Everyone and their brother is involved: flying about, chatting with folks, even answering reference questions at the library. I really didn’t get the appeal, but decided I should give it a try on general principles.

So I jumped in. Made an avatar who looks like I’d like to, dressed her, and wandered around.

This is not at all a user-friendly program, in my opinion. I’m fairly computer-savvy, and it took a few tries to figure out how to move, access options for appearance, go to the place I want to go.

At this point, I’m sitting in a chair in the library, reading a book. And I think I’m going to stay there.

Why? I’m sick.

You see, I’m one of those people who gets motion sick very, very easily. I just spent 30 minutes, tops, wandering around Second Life, and I’m incredibly nauseated. I can’t go the the IMAX theater for the same reason. I spent a few minutes watching DSD play Sonic the Hedgehog one day and had to turn away, much to her amusement. Swooping camera moves in movies make me turn away and ask DH to tell me when it’s over.

So all this movement in Second Life literally makes me sick.

As a result, I doubt I’m going to be one of those who waxes rhapsodic about Second Life. This brings up an interesting question, though: how many others are there, like me, who really can’t hang out in this environment? I certainly can’t be the only one with this issue. So if businesses are setting up and people are having meetings and holding classes in this environment, are we leaving out a significant part of the population who simply can’t be there?


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Big Bird

What a difference a week makes.  Last weekend, DH was carving five feet of snow from between the roof-lines next to the house, and the dogs were bounding through the stuff in the back yard like deer on crack.

This weekend, it’s a glorious 50 degrees, the snow is melting as you watch, and the dogs have discovered that mud is fun.

DH and I wandered over to Wabasha to the National Eagle Center, and were able to meet the three resident eagles.  This weekend was Soar With the Eagles weekend, and so there were lots of folks hoping to catch a glimpse of the eagles as they migrate along the Mississippi.  Ironically, since we’ve had such a lovely few days, the river has broken up to the point that there’s lots of open water and so the eagles have more territory to hunt and they’re not congregating in one spot.  We did see a few swooping over the water, but not as many as apparently have been seen in previous years when the weather is colder.

They’re wonderful creatures – majestic and beautiful.  If you’ve never visited a place where there are Bald Eagles in the wild, c’mon over.  It’s something everyone should see.

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Won’t be long now….

It’s in the mid-30’s….the snow and ice are melting…..and I saw a flock of robins yesterday.

Take heart, people of the North!  Spring is upon us!

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Grad School Fun

OK…..this is way cooler than how I went to grad school.

Mollie, a lovely young woman who works with us at MPOW, is finishing her MLS at the University of Illinois.  She’s in a Change Management class at the moment.  She just came back from her weekend on campus to say that they were visited by Lori Bell and Kitty Pope, who talked to the class about Second Life.  Mollie ate it up.

The next class will be held in Second Life.

How cool is that?

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Networking Librarians

Joshua Neff over at the Goblin in the Library invites all and sundry to join Library 2.0 – a social networking site for librarians.  I wandered over and joined.  Could be really cool.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s my page.  Sign up….and add me as a friend!

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