If you’re Catholic, Heaven or Hell are not the only options once you die.  You can also go to Purgatory.  (You were once able to go to Limbo, but that’s another story.)  For those of you not familiar with Catholic dogma, Purgatory is Heaven’s Waiting Room.  If you’re not bad enough to go to Hell, but not quite good enough to go to Heaven, you go to Purgatory and think about your sins for a while.  Once you’re deemed worthy, you’re welcomed into Heaven.

Some enterprising medieval Church guy came up with a brilliant (if unethical) solution to Purgatory – Indulgences.  You can purchase an Indulgence and get out of some or all of your stay in Purgatory.  The Church was doing big business in Indulgences for a while, until the Reformation caught up with them.

The Church hasn’t sold Indulgences since the 16th Century…..but the concept is alive and well and living in Hollywood.

The presenters at the Oscars this year received the 21st Century equivalent of the Indulgence: a pass worth 100,000  lbs of carbon reduction from TerraPass.

TerraPass is a leading retailer of carbon offsets, which are a way of funding clean energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our mission is to put simple tools for fighting climate change in the hands of as many citizens as possible.

So…you can still fly the personal jet, but by purchasing these credits, you can still feel smug about your eco-responsibility.

Coming soon: The Inquisition.  Not a believer?  We can fix that.


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