Jeans and books that fit?

I’ve never had a pair of jeans that fit me properly.  Back in the day only men’s jeans were available, and my figure is such that a pair of pants designed for a man will not fit me.  At.  All.  By the time I got them over my hips, the waist was so big they’d fall off when I sat down.

Enter women’s jeans.  Better, but still not great.

It’s gotten to the point that I rarely wear jeans, since I can never find a pair that are 1) comfortable and  2) flattering.

Enter Zafu at  They have an online questionnaire that, if it works properly, will find the pair of jeans that will fit you.  I’ve ordered the ones they recommend for me; I’ll let you know.

This all got me thinking, of course.  Let’s have some computer wizard design a book recommendation program.  What kind of book do you enjoy reading?  Mysteries?  Romance?  Westerns?  Biographies?  Are there authors that you like?  Time periods?  Swearing OK?  Violence?  Now….press the button, and you get a customized reader’s advisory.

I know that librarians do this all the time.  But if we had a tool like this on our library websites, it might intrigue people enough to try it….and then try books and authors they might not have tried.

So….I’m not a computer whiz.  Who out there will create this?


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One response to “Jeans and books that fit?

  1. Ann

    Have you tried NoveList, an Ebsco database, or “What Do I Read Next?” from Thomson Gale? Both of these do what you are describing. I like them both for different reasons. Selco doesn’t subscribe to these, but Melsa provides What Do I Read for metro libraries and Dakota Co and other individual metro libraries subscribe to NoveList. Let me know if you want to browse either. They are very useful!

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