Form vs. function

Back from a lovely Christmas with family and friends.  One of the gifts I got for DH was Sirius radio for his new SUV.  Looks intriguing and he’s looking forward to having it installed.

So we’re looking through the packaging and the instructions, and come across a small pamphlet that reviews the various ways you can install the thing.  Important information.

The problem was, this was black printing on TEAL paper.  Shiny teal paper.  Rather dark teal paper.  Tiny black words on dark, shiny teal paper.  It was virtually unreadable.  But pretty.

What Sirius didn’t keep in mind – and what we ALL need to keep in mind – is that pretty should not outweigh functional.  If you’ve created a brochure (poster, informational piece, etc) that looks pretty but is all but impossible to read for anyone over the age of 15, you need to rethink the design.



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2 responses to “Form vs. function

  1. Donovan

    Unless you don’t plan to sell to anyone over the age of 15. Which is what we’re seeing with cell phones these days.

    I felt really old when I realized I was no longer in the most-targeted demographic any longer and that advertisers no longer cared too much about reaching me. 🙂

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