Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, I took the plunge and began a blog. I find myself now telling people that I’ve written about something interesting on the blog. Have you checked the blog? Oh – check out the blog! You can find it on the blog…


Nevertheless, it has been an interesting experience. I’m enjoying writing regularly, and have enjoyed getting to interact with folks I normally wouldn’t have connected with, had it not been for this interface.

Along the way, I’ve also discovered tools like Flickr, which lead to the codicil to blogging comments: Have you looked at the
photos on Flickr? Check out my Flickr account!

I’ve noticed I don’t feel as compelled to blog daily. Probably a good thing; there’s enough navel-gazing being done without adding my navel to the mix. I’ve also tried to limit the number of “me, too!” posts. In reviewing the blog, I’ve written some posts I’m quite proud of. It’s nice to have a record.

So…here we go, on to year two. Have some cake.

Birthday Cake and 28 Candles

Originally uploaded by catsper.


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