We’re off to Wisconsin tomorrow, to celebrate Christmas with our families and and with DBF and her husband, Charlie.

I’m sitting here listening to “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” which is the ultimate Christmas music.  It always puts me in the mood.   Good thing, too, because the weather isn’t cooperating; while our western bretheren are wading through feet of new snow, we have March weather here in Minnesota – 33 and drizzle.  Yuck.

But…it’s Christmas.

Christmas was magical at our house for a number of years.  I’m the oldest of five; the youngest is 10 years my junior.  Long past when I didn’t believe in the miracle of Santa, the magic was kept alive for the younger kids.  It made the holiday that much more fun for us older siblings, since at some point it simply isn’t “cool” to believe….but when you had to for the younger kids’ sake, it was somehow acceptable.

We’re all much older now, of course.  To some extent the magic has faded.  But every now and then, there’s still that ember buried deep, listening for the sound of sleigh bells.

Merry Christmas to one and all.


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