Aspiring writers, take note!  Always wanted to see your work in print?  Now you can.

Rachel Singer Gordon took note of a new beta site, Blurb. They have a lovely little software (Book Smart) that’s downloadable…and will allow you to create a book. From anything. Photos, recipes, business portfolios….even your blog.

How cool.


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One response to “Booked?

  1. I am part of a small start up company, and after reading your post on Blurb, I thought you might like to know about beta iMemoryBook as well. It is an online memory book system. Unlike blurb there is nothing to download because it is all Web 2.0 (drag and drop). Plus it is completely collaborative. You whole family can get together and create a personal history about Grandpa. Take a look at it.

    Happy Christmas,

    Jeff Harmon
    Team iMemoryBook

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