Packers and puppies

DH and I had the opportunity to attend a Packer game this past weekend. The game was brutal (the Packers lost in a big way) but being at Lambeau Field was amazing.

We’ve been to Lambeau before, but it was pre-remodeling. The old Lambeau was scruffy and a bit garish – bright green and yellow corrugated metal. The new Lambeau is beautiful – brick and windows and a lovely atrium that, according to my buddy Terri who lives in GB, is used all the time for parties and receptions.

We were lucky enough to have gotten a pair of club seats which were a gift from a friend of DH’s brother, Fr. Mike. These were seats in a general area of seating and not the private rooms. But they were comfortable seats, behind glass, with a waitress checking in occasionally to see if you needed anything. For those of you who haven’t yet experienced Lambeau, the general stadium is open air (no domes for the Pack!) and the seating is on aluminum benches. Yup – a whole stadium of bleacher seats. And cold ones at that; aluminum gets very cold in winter in Wisconsin.

There were folks giving massages just outside the seating area. (DH got his first-ever massage.) There were food vendors for virtually anything you’d like. It was warm, and comfortable, and a lovely way to watch a game.

Sort of.

The weird thing about being in these lovely seats was the disconnect you feel from the rest of the Lambeau fans. And for anyone who’s ever been to Lambeau, a large part of the experience is the crowd. They’re loud and responsive and enthusiastic and at points their shouts are so loud, it’s almost deafening. Sitting in the stadium during an exciting game will give you chills. And I’m not talking about the cold.

I am grateful for the experience of this wonderful afternoon…..but I think I’d prefer to be in the maddening crowd.

A pair of my high school buddies lives in GB, and the day was made extra swell because we were able to catch up with them. Terri and Bob also had, as an extra added bonus, a litter of nine 5-week old golden lab puppies in the house.

Days just don’t get any better than this.



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2 responses to “Packers and puppies

  1. Nancy

    Did your DH know you were there? I mean after all you were competing with the Packers. Sounds like a game I could go to — inside and toasty!!

  2. Sure – the Packers were playing horribly. : )

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