And all without shushing

DBF alerted me this afternoon to this delightful blogpost, on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel blog:

Robert W. C. Kennedy voted at the East Library on North Ave. in Milwaukee and found it rather handy.

“Some voters waiting in the long line that had already formed shortly after 7 a.m. were not entirely certain if they were at the correct polling place,” he wrote in an e-mail.

“Library staff, in the midst of their regular daily duties, offered to verify the location for those in line, thus saving them the grief of arriving at the registration table after a half-hour or 45-minute wait on queue only to find that they were at the wrong poll,” he wrote. “And they did so without shushing any voters!”

Great stuff.



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2 responses to “And all without shushing

  1. Wonderful story! And we have enough confidence in ourselves to laugh at the “shushing” comment

  2. Robert W.C. Kennedy

    Yep. I’m the guy who submitted the entry to jsonline. I work in the utility business so I’m very attuned to issues of customer service and I just can’t let a positive observation pass by without drawing attention to it — recognition breeds repetition, after all.
    While the regular takeover of the library by pollsters and voters could be perceived by employees as a nuisance, I found it refreshing that the staff at this location looked at it as one more opportunity to provide value-added service to visitors.
    And the whole “shushing” comment — I knew my comments wouldn’t be printed without a snappy punchline.
    Keep up the great work.

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