What the…..?

Sarah at Librarian in Black wrote about a truly horrifying new “service” by the folks at Microsoft and MSN. It’s called Ms. Dewey, and you really have to experience it to fully understand how unbelievably awful this thing is.

Picture a sultry, beautiful woman in a relatively low-cut black dress, acting as a librarian answering questions. OK, that doesn’t describe most of us, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the persona. To say it’s unprofessional is seriously understating the case. At one point she answered a query with, “Method acting is another way of saying, “Show up on the set and say whatever the f**k you want. Works for me.” WHAAAAT????? Granted, the expletive was bleeped, but even so, it’s completely beyond the pale.

Regardless of what you query, you get a smart-aleck response from Ms. Dewey. If you do nothing, you get faces and impatient gestures, and at one point, a “Helllooooo….is anyone out there? TYPE SOMETHING IN HERE. (pointing at query box)” Sarah mentioned that she wished she had gotten a screen shot of her actually brandishing a crop. Well, I did:

Ms. Dewey




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2 responses to “What the…..?

  1. Believe it or not, that’s actually a _different_ whip than the one I saw. The one I saw was more of a cat of nine tails type thing. Wow…multiple S&M accessories!

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