Stephen Abram, in his blog Stephen’s Lighthouse, posted a link to a new article he’s written about the Millennial generation. It’s a terrific read, and important information for anyone who is in a position to work with them (or if, like me, you have one of your own.)
As he says in his introductory paragraph:

They’re the biggest generation in history and already outnumber the Boomers. As librarians we must care about them. We have sadly seen some of the consequences of the mutual disengagement of libraries and Generation X. It isn’t pretty. Simply put this ‘next’ generation comprises all of our student users (although there is emerging evidence that post-Millennials are even more different); most of our college and university users, and, within ten years, the majority of parents – in short our major key user populations. This is the one segment of the population that is actually growing through immigration. They will vote on library issues, influence library strategies and they will control budgets and dominate the consumer space. They are critical to the future of libraries and indeed, the future itself.

Read the whole thing.

Originally posted in Selco Librarian. 


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