Technology training in a 2.0 world

Michael Porter, OCLC Western

Brenda Hough, Northeast Kansas Library System

Dale Musselman, WebJunction

Michael Porter.  OCLC trainer. Libraryman.    Introduces Brenda and Dale.

Brenda Hough

How technology training has changed

Tech training in libraries has been happening for a while now.  60-90 minutes hands-on classes: intro to PCs, basic internet, intro to email.  Lots of OOOOTF: one-on-one, on the fly training.

How does tech training look now?

1.encourage independence

2.encourage exploration

3.stop trying to provide step-by-step directions

4.provide context

5.use storytelling

6.expect success

7.treat training as a collaborative project real world

Libraries teaching 2.0 topics

Lansing Public Library, ILL  Podcasting, Bloglines, Blogger

Johnson County Library: Cyber 6-pack

Queens Library: My Space Tips & Tricks

Tampa Bay: Children’s tweens and teens resources on the web

Newport News: My Space Internet Safety

Scottsdale: Blogging (lists prerequisite skill)

Arlington, TX: Mashups

Reading , MA: Instant Messenger, Geek out, don’t freak out (on how to use your digital camera), Share your pictures with Flickr.

Tempe: Online Auctions (e-bay)

Nashville: e-audio book downloading


Ways libraries could use 2.0 technologies for training

  Similar program.  Has a feature built in that if you load an item to a friend, it will tell you when it’s due.

  Safety for kids.  For parents.  Can send out bulletins, so all the people that are your “friend” get the bulletin.  Every time you have a class, you could market it here.

  Offers tools and resources for training.  Updating the training area. 

  Photo sharing site.  Use pictures in your classes.  Take pictures of your classes and present on Flickr. 


  Have a class on  Get resources for class and tag them so that there’s a page with the web resources for that class.


E- and Online Learning

Lots of tools out there for creating training.  Can complement what you’re already doing.

Tools:  Captivate, Camtasia, Wink, Viewlet Builder, Viewlet Cam, CamStudio.  Can put into Flash or other video formats.

Rapid creation tools: Adobe Presenter, CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver, etc.  Tools based on PowerPoint.  Articulate Presenter one of the nicest, but also expensive.  PowerBullet Presenter and Open Office are free applications that will output slides to flash. 

Interact live online: Horizon Winba, Illuminate, OPAL(Online training for all libraries), teamslide – free service to present ppt slides on the web, dimdim – open source web conferencing tool, Second Life, skype

Games and simulations: Create learning games – egames generator; quia – activities, quizzes, etc.; software/web simulations – Captivate; Second Life – people/world simulations.

Share it – Borrow it: YouTube, Jumpcut, Nuvvo, WebJunction, Library U, Library Instruction Wiki.

Technology will continue to evolve and grow in ways we have not yet thought of.


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