Learning, Gaming and Training

Shu Liu, Digital Content Librarian, Colorado State University Libraries

Tammy Allgood. Fletcher Library, Arizona State University

Shu Liu

Definition: A learning object is an online tool that includes a learning objective, a learning process, and a means of assessment to help learners digest a specific piece of knowledge, or master how to complete a specific task.

Characteristics include: digital, individual, interactive, and reusable. 

Learning objects – learning activities – lessons – units – courses.  (Largest to smallest)

Educational examples:

WISC-Online (Wisconsin Online Resource Center)

digital library of learning objects

developed by faculty from the Wisconsin Technical College System

Encouraged to register on website and access learning.

Example: The 12 Cranial Nerves.   (Cute demonstration of the learning tool.)

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching: international consortium and technology initiative.  Not nearly as interactive as the Wisconsin site.

Business examples: Microsoft Office Online Training, Apple Learning Interchange

Tammy Allgood

Gaming in library instruction – Game On!

Why games? 69% of teenagers play video games every week; evidence suggests games can enhance problem solving skills

Learning objectives: introduce students to library as physical and virtual space, library services, types of resources, etc.

Started with board game in fall 2005.  Bean as prototype to computer game.  Good learning experience.  “Information Pursuit”  Very popular with both students and professors.

Computer game began in spring 2006.  5 people on team; extensive research in gaming as education tool.  Platform – Flash. 

Documentation: Business plan, high concept document, game treatment document, and game script

High concept doc – premise of the game, intended audience, genre, target platform, overall storyline.

Treatment doc – game overview, production details, game world (back story, characters, mission, objective)

Game script – biggest document.  Game play outline/flowchart, design details, game text. 

Deliverables: game logo, game design, game skeleton, character interactions, information retrieval systems, animations.

Game: “Quarantined: Axl Wise and the Information Outbreak.” Premise: virus outbreak on campus; no one can get out to the internet or go off campus.  Able to use the resources on campus. 


Fun game.  What a painless and enjoyable way to learn about library resources.


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