Fillmore County Teens

I spent the morning with the librarians of Fillmore County. (There’s a book title in there somewhere….) The meeting was at the perfectly lovely library in Chatfield, on the corner sporting the only stop light in Fillmore County. The library is an old Carnegie that was beautifully remodeled, combining the new and the old seamlessly.

These librarians meet every two months to compare notes, share stories, and coordinate library service in the county. Their meetings are always fun and informative and uplifting.

As usual, there were some great stories of what’s going on at their respective libraries. One that stood out for me was in Chatfield, who has taken to hosting a monthly Teen Game Day. It started as a Teen Dance Revolution Party in August featuring the Dance Revolution game, but morphed into a general game day including Scrabble and Twister. (See photo, above.) The teens loved it, and asked to have another one. Library Director Monica, of course, agreed. One of the interesting tidbits to come out of the day was that the boys were standing back from the DDR game, not taking part. Until the girls left, that is.

And here’s what makes Monica one of those wonderful librarians any town would be lucky to have: the library was toilet-papered during Homecoming Week. Moncia’s reaction? “Yay! We hit the teen’s radar!”


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