Roll out the Spirit

DH and I traveled home this weekend.  We had a busy weekend, filled with all sorts of visits and events.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast with DSD, her Significant Other (SO) and Alannah, Darling Granddaughter.  She’s grown a great deal in six weeks!

Saturday afternoon was a visit with my cousins, who we haven’t seen in much too long.  Saturday night was a rather disappointing 30-year High School reunion for DH, followed by a visit to DH’s father and a seriously disappointing Packer game.  (I do hope Favre is having a Come to Jesus meeting with the offensive line this morning.)

Sunday morning we attended Mass.  DH’s brother Mike is the priest of a local parish.  The parish is celebrating their sesquicentennial, and this weekend was their parish picnic.

The parish is in West Bend, Wisconsin.  West Bend is a very Germanic community, so it shouldn’t have surprised me that the Mass was outside on Sunday.  In the beer tent.  With a polka band.

It was absurd, and charming, and uplifting all at the same time.  The crowd was standing room only, and the prayers and singing were loud enough that the toddler next to me admonished her mother and me to “shhh!”  Hearing the Mass prayers done to an ooompa beat is a bit odd, I must admit, as was smelling brats grilling during Mass.  But as a community event, and as a chance to bring families together…..I have a feeling this was just what God had in mind.


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