Novel idea

Talk about thinking outside the box….

Sarah at Librarian in Black reports on a conversation that has some really interesting possibilities:

Okay, strokes of brilliance happen few and far between, but I think Helene Blowers (of the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenberg County) had one in a conversation she had with Michael Casey, Michael Stephens, and Carol Myers.

Instead of using the Netflix model to distribute materials to our users at home, why not use Amazon Library Processing?  The user can request the item, we purchase it, have Amazon process it with spine labels, cataloging and all, and have them ship it directly to the user.  Once the user is done with it, (s)he can return it to the library, and since it’s already been processed, it can now enter the general library collection.  What a great idea!  To quote Mr. Michael Stephens himself: HOT!

Wow!  Now that’s thinking!  Talk about great customer service…..


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