Another novel idea…

Grad-school buddy Susan sent this great link from the folks she works with at the Wyoming Center for the Book, at the Wyoming State Library.

It’s the Wyoming Authors Wiki. What a seriously cool idea. Now, seems to me we need at least 49 more of these….

Wyoming seems to do really cool stuff frequently. They recently had an ad campaign that was fabulous. Loved the Trojan Horse billboard, and the radio ads.

One of my favorites, though, was a terrific bookmark a while back that featured a photo of Wyoming librarian Mabel Wilkinson, circa 1916, standing on a hilltop in her bonnet and dress, aiming a revolver. The bookmark quoted Mabel, from an advertisement for a library organizer and director in Northern Wyoming:

“A Wyoming librarian must be able to get along with Western people, ride and drive, as well as pack a horse, follow a trail, shoot straight, run an automobile, and be able to rough it whenever necessary!”

Love that. Love what these guys do. And I’ve met a bunch of them, and they’re great folks. No wonder they come up with cool stuff.


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