Hamster Help

Always alert grad-school buddy Susan sent a link this morning to a great marketing newsletter, within which was this gem:

Making a doctor’s appointment, visiting a doctor or finding current health information can be confusing for children and adults unfamiliar with the U.S. health care system. The UNMC McGoogan Library of Medicine wants to help with its recently produced “Following the Clues: A Visit to the Doctor and the Library,” a 12-minute video narrated in English, Spanish and Sudanese-Nuer that shows viewers how to navigate the health care system and find health information at the library. Ramone, the hamster helps young children follow the clues to better health. The story follows Alana as she and her grandmother make a doctor’s appointment, see the doctor and find health information at the library.

Narrated in English, Spanish, and Sudanese-Nuer, the movie is available at no cost to librarians, community health providers, immigrant support agencies, and elementary school professionals. The video is in DVD and VHS formats, and can be viewed on the web site. (emphasis mine.)

The University of Nebraska Medical Center produced the video and it can be found here. It’s apparent some Nebraska librarians were involved in the project, since there are links to a marketing flyer for libraries… and the MARC records!


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  1. Great resource- I’m posting this on my blog (The M Word) and linking back to you! Thanks! -Nancy

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