Incredible and unbelievable

DH and I took Mom and Dad to see Dave Brubeck with the Minnesota Orchestra last night.  Fabulous.  Absolutely incredible.  Brubeck is in his mid-80’s and still an amazing musician, as were all of the guys in the band.  Made me realize that DH and I haven’t attended nearly enough of these sorts of events lately.We got home rather late last night, and so I’m the walking wounded today.

So I’m sitting there, eating my cereal this morning and watching the news when a commercial comes on.

I don’t remember exactly what group sponsored the commercial.  This is a good thing, since I’d no doubt be on the phone ranting at them if I did.  The premise was that you should get your child prepared for kindergarten at age three.  OK, so far, so good.  Then the written message at the end of the commercial said something like, “Make sure your ready.”

Whaaaa?  These are people purporting to teach our children, and they misuse “your???”  DH chuckled as I screamed at the television.   It’s a good thing for them I was too tired to remember who these folks are.  Unbelievable.


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  1. Susan V

    Oh, your just ranting. Don’t you have something better to do with you’re time?


    Excuse me while I go beat myself to death with my unabridged dictionary, while burning my copies of the Elements of Style and Fowler’s English Usage. We are doomed. Truly.

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